Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative Society

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The Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative Society is working to improve habitability, safety and prevent renovictions in SRO hotels in Vancouver Coast Salish Territories. Our strategy is to start organizing within the worst of the worst – the privately-owned SROs. We bring tenants together to file complaints for safety and management conditions at the Residential Tenancy Branch and to support City Inspectors’ efforts, where possible, to bring buildings up to code. Modelled after the SRO Collaboratives in San Francisco, we hope to help build a stronger renters movement here.

The SRO Collaborative also operates the Tenant Overdose Response Organizers (TORO) program, and we are very proud to be working alongside our sister program, Youth for Chinese Seniors (Y4CS).

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Partners and Collaborators

We are grateful to have the support of many organizers and individuals. We would like to thank and acknowledge:

    • Our funders: BC Housing, City of Vancouver, The Law Foundation of BC, Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancity, and United Way, as well as Atira Development Society for the magnanimous start-up and ongoing support.
    • Our Research Advisory Committee: Dr. Nicholas Blomley (SFU), Dr. Lisa Freeman (KPU), Dr. Jeff Masuda (Queen’s), Dr. Eugene McCann (SFU), and Dr. Elvin Wyly (UBC).