Clifton Hotel

Clifton Hotel - sign out front

The Clifton Hotel is located on Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver. The SRO Collaborative stepped in during the last cases of renovictions.

The Clifton was one of the best SROs. Sammy, the previous owner, used to change everyone’s sheets. He looked after people when they got sick. He had to sell when he could no longer manage and the hotel spiralled out of control with the new owner, who wanted to rent the rooms for $900/month to students. As a result, he evicted every tenant. We asserted our rights through the RTB, small claims court, and the media, which slowed down the owner for months.

Mohammad, a tenant of the Clifton, won an Order of Possession on his room through the Supreme Court. He agreed to lift his Supreme Court Writ of Possession in exchange for a significant monetary award. We are slowing down this hotel conversion and hoping that governments will buy it or lease it so that low-income people can live in decent conditions there again until there is enough social housing for everyone who needs it.

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