Class Action Lawsuit

regent rats

Tenant Organizer Jack Gates holds up a rodent.

In the summer of 2016, Jack Gates, a tenant in the Regent Hotel, filed a class-action lawsuit against Parkash, Pal, Gurdyal and Kirin Sahota, as well as Triville Enterprises Ltd., Yang-Myung Hotel Management Ltd., Sahotacorp and the City of Vancouver. In the fall of 2016, tenants at the Balmoral hotel filed another class-action lawsuit against the Sahotas.

Court documents (click text to open file):

Judge MacNaughton, re Gates v. Sahota, 03-27

Notice of Claim

City Orders:

Mouse-infested mattress headed to City Hall:

On April 25 at 1 p.m., Jack Gates and other SRO tenants and tenant supporters will bring Jack’s mouse-infested mattress from the Regent Hotel to City Hall. As per page one of the City Order, mice, cockroaches, etc. were observed in Jack’s room in October 2016, and pest control was ordered. However, Jack’s room is infested with mice, as is his mattress, which now needs to be replaced.

Further details will be available at the event. Supporters and media are invited to attend.


Rat at the Regent.